We are accelerating innovations in Australia’s food and beverage sector

FaBA is backed by government, innovation and industry

Australia’s Food and Beverage Accelerator exists to bring together the brightest university minds with industry experts to deliver the innovation, ingredients, tastes and foods that people need.

By providing pathways for new products, technologies and opportunities for industry and researchers, FaBA is leading the way for smart, sustainable food and beverage manufacturing in Australia.

Our participant’s success is FaBA’s success

FaBA’s multidisciplinary approach provides our participants with access to integrated research, innovation and training. We are equipped to work with you from ideation to innovation to ingredient, and capabilities to commercial success.

We will develop new ingredients—that meet market need
We will progress new products—and the capability and capacity to ensure viability

An alliance between government, industry and research to meet ambitious targets

Government investment to leverage

New ingredients

New products

From ideas to innovation to ingredients

Innovative ingredients
We turn lab samples into commercial ingredients that are economically sustainable and ready for market
Premium products
We accelerate product development to meet increasing competition, growing demand and changing consumer preferences

Latest news + events

Australian innovators can lead the world
October 5, 2023

Australian innovators can lead the world

QUT’s Professor Jolieke van der Pols has joined FaBA as one of the Deputy Program Leads for the Innovative Ingredients Program. Here, she shares her excitement about the future of healthy, sustainable food production and explains why Australia should be at the forefront of innovation.

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